Leeway Art and Change Grant – Work To Ride (summer 2008)

Kara LaFleur recently received a 2008 Leeway Foundation Art and Change Grant in support of her photography project, Work to Ride (a work in progress). These funds will be used for materials related to documenting Work To Ride during the 2008 equestrian athletic season, leading to a solo exhibition at the University City Arts League in 2009. Utilizing Holga photography, this project uniquely conveys the underlying sociopolitical implications of class and race inherent within the dynamics of Work To Ride from which a deeply touching narrative of impoverished youth and unparalleled opportunity arises. Work To Ride is a program for at risk and urban youth located in the Belmont Plateau section of Fairmont Park.

Check out Kara’s website for more about Work To Ride (a work in progress).

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From The Leeway:

The Art and Change Grant provides project-based grants of up to $2,500 to women and transgender (which includes those who identify as transsexual and genderqueer) artists who: have art and social change projects or opportunities that impact a larger group, audience or community; have financial need; and live in the Delaware Valley area. One of the more unique aspects of the Art and Change grant is its requirement for projects to be supported by or in collaboration with a Change Partner-a person, organization, or business, that is part of the project in some way.

The Leeway Foundation’s grant-making programs honor women and transgender artists for their ability to create social change through their artistic and cultural work. The foundation is committed to art making as an integral part of social change, movement building, and anti-oppression work.


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