BarCamp Philly

BarCamp is an “un-conference” – for the people, by the people. This burgeoning movement is an alternative to conferences that often fall short of the actual needs of the community. So, what is BarCamp all about? The simple answer is – whatever the attendees want it to be; topics are chosen and voted up or down by the community the morning of the event. The BarCamp Wiki is an excellent resource for more information on the resounding success these events have had around the world.

This weekend, BarCamp Philly will kick off with a Pre-Party from 7 to 10 pm on Friday, November 7th  hosted by P’unk Ave in the Bella Vista Section of the city. The un-conference will start at 8 am on November 8th at the University of The Arts in Center City Philadelphia. More information regarding logistics and festivities can be found in the Where & When section of the BarCamp Philly site. Whether you go to speak, or just to listen, BarCamp Philly has a lot to offer, namely a community of people who seek to make a difference in this city and beyond.

also posted on Whats Cookin’ BarCamp Philly: for the people by the people


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