Libraries in the Age of Informational Generation

Organized by the “Concerned Library Workers of Drexel University”, the power house group behind the Save the Libraries CampaignBibliodiscotheque was a huge “Fund and Awareness-raising” success. By using Facebook, the community-driven organization was able to mobilize people quickly; as a result, National Mechanics was packed, and Philadelphia Weekly was there to watch the crowds “dancing for the libraries”. The event itself raised over $1,200 for the cause and through the use of social media it also continues to effectively spread awareness throughout the community.

Last week, Mayor Nutter announced that no Libraries would close before the end of the fiscal year (which is in July), and while the city remains optimistic, the struggle is far from over. Libraries are invaluable to our society, remaining as relevant today as ever, but their needs have changed along with those of the communities which they serve; acting as centers of knowledge, community, technology, and so much more. In 1935, German cultural theorist, Walter Benjamin produced “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction” theories which he considered “useful for the formulation of revolutionary demands in the politics of art”. Today, the proliferation of information and the Google Generation create a new environment within which to consider the politics of information, and the revolutionary demands which they will require.

For those of you interested in joining the revolution, this Month’s Junto will be on Rethinking The Library. A discussion on the evolution of the modern day library, and it’s impact on our communities with Jim Pecora of the Free Library of Philadelphia as well as Maria Falgoust and Sarah Murphy of the Desk Set. The panel starts at 7, on Thursday, February 5th, at P’unk Ave but feel free to come by around 6 for a beer and some of the best Tomato Pie in Philly! P’unk Avenue, 1168 E. Passyunk Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147.


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