Geeks Who Give in City Paper

In The Event That… You Love Thy Neighbor and Thy iPhone

by Lauren Friedman for City Paper

Like many good ideas, Geeks Who Give began over brunch. Back in November, Kara LaFleur (pictured, right) was talking with like-minded techies about how they might be able to harness the power of Philly’s growing geek scene. “We have this really strong community that does really amazing things for each other,” she remembers thinking. “What if we could take that excitement and do something awesome with it?”

One month later, GWG’s first event — organized largely via online social networks — drew 130 people who donated 1,200 pounds of food to Philabundance. And attendees weren’t all geeks. “I heard people explaining to others what Twitter was, and I was like, success!” she says. “That was when we knew we were doing something really right. It took off on its own.”

For its second event, GWG is partnering with Philadelphia Futures, a local nonprofit that provides high school students with adult mentors and academic support. The cost of entry will be one thumb drive or a packet of school supplies for the students, and GWG hopes that attendees will consider becoming mentors — Philadelphia Futures will have staff and applications on hand.

“It’s really easy to drink some drinks and do some good,” LaFleur says. “And geeks party harder than anyone I know.”

Tattooed Mom will make it even easier with food and drink specials for all: $1.50 PBR, $3 Yards, $3 Kenzinger and $3 burgers (vegan and regular). Board games will be available, and there’s been talk of playing Werewolf, a mind game that’s a favorite on the geek circuit.

“It could be nuts!” LaFleur says. “The Yahtzee yelling alone could get out of control.”

Geeks Who Give Game Night | Thu., April 2, 6-9 p.m., free with a flash drive or school supplies, Tattooed Mom, 530 South St., 215-238-9880,


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