Vizthink Philadelphia 1

picture it solved

On Wednesday Aprill 22nd, the first Viz Think meet up in Philly will involve a 1-hour creative activity, a visual brain-dump, Led by Jonny Goldstein. No experience necessary: You just need to be interested in visual communication and learning. Please bring writing implemments. Pens, Pencils, colored markers, or crayons, whatever you need to accelerate the AHA!

VizThink Philadelphia 1
Hosted by jonny goldstein
April 22, Wednesday, at 6:30PM.
Philadelphia Free Library, Independence Branch (In the meeting room)
18 S. 7th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

(7th Street between Market & Chestnut)

Image available in shirt form from Viz Wear


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  1. jonny goldstein on

    Hey Kara,

    Thanks for the shoutout. We had a lovely event…around 20 people showed up and got vizzy with it.

    And nice graphic!

    pics and vids from the event:

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