Art Star Craft Bazaar May 30 – 31

I have to say, Philadelphia is seriously the Filene’s Basement of Art.  I know that might sound a bit callous – but lets face it, you can get really awesome, high quality stuff at bargain basement prices, if you know where to look.  With at least 5 major Art institutions to its name and a burgeoning underground art scene, Philly is a great place to start your collection. There are organizations and events throughout the year that actively foster the city’s cultural community. This weekend’s Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn’s Landing will help make the art world less intimidating for everyone, including the artists.

The 2009 Art Star Craft Bazaar
When: Saturday, May 30th from 11-6pm & Sunday, May 31st from 11-6pm
Where: Philadelphia, PA @ Penn’s Landing Great Plaza – on Columbus Boulevard between Walnut Street and Chestnut Street (directions)


2 comments so far

  1. jim on

    stoked for this.

  2. Kara LaFleur on

    I know! I look forward to this & InLiquid’s Art for the Cash Poor (which is in a few weeks) every year! So excited!

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