Art For The Cash Poor

So Lately I’ve been talking a lot about Art, especially how to make it a part of your life (going so far as to call Philly the Filene’s Basement of Art). This weekend’s Art for the Cash Poor June 13th & 14th is an excellent example of all of those direct to the source opportunities that are so abundantly available in the city of Philadelphia. AFTCP, now in it’s 10th year, is run by InLiquid, a non profit which serves as a resource center while nurturing the creative community through events and exhibitions.

As a bit of an art groupie I never miss the chance to squeal omg it’s so-and-so artist!!! because I <3 art, and artists usually appreciate being treated like rock stars. Featuring some of the area’s most talented artists and a price cap of $199, (insider tip: most things are under $100) going to AFTCP is practically like stealing the stuff. Even better than getting a good deal, you’ll be supporting the artistic community directly while engaging first hand with individual artists, learning how something was made and why. Feel free to bring the kids – between demonstrations, live music and great food stalls – there is plenty for everyone to see and enjoy!

When: Saturday, June 13th from 1-6pm & Sunday, June 14th from 1-6pm
Where: The Crane Arts Building 1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia PA MAP


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