Philadelphia Park(ing) Day 9/18/09

Park(ing) Day was originally envisioned by Rebar in San Francisco in 2005 to address the issue of how space is utilized by urban areas. Focused on Parking Spots all over the city, this event celebrates parks and pedestrian friendly city planning, while also serving to question how limited space can be utilized for everyone’s benefit (including commuters & car owners). On Friday, September 18th Philly will be re-envisioned by over 30 official spaces all over the city, putting the Grass back into Grassroots. And those are just the official spots, be on the lookout for impromptu parks all over Philly (cause DIY is just how we roll here). Check out the snazzy interactive map to help navigate to spots near and far & Park your butt in a Park(ing) spot. Enjoy the space in a different way than you might have imagined.


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  1. Kara LaFleur on

    My friend Mo Working from a park(ing) spot right now (In Mt Airy)!

  2. Kara LaFleur on

    Here’s my twitter feed (complete with twitpics) from yesterday’s Park(ing) Day: – The view from my Park(ing) Spot where I’m puttin my feet up in an urban hammock! – Philadelphia Tree Museum on the parkway for Park(ing) Day! – Green office space – in so many ways

    Glad people are digging on my Park(ing) Day live tweeting :) – Vizthinkers in their natural habitat – a sketch park – Random bystanders “just visiting” a parking spot cafe – This forest in the city made of construction waste – Mmmmmmmm pretzles & Park(ing) Spots @ Broad & Walnut :D

    Blurring the line between sidewalk and park

    Bringing the shore to broad street!

    Park(ing) Day 1st stop “Dont Block the Sandbox”

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