Three (crazy) Weeks to UCAL Show

The last few weeks have been slightly crazed, but they’ve also been awesome with some great things on the horizon. Last week I realized that I have a show over at University City Arts League in the middle of August. While I knew it was coming, I had put it on the back burner while dealing with larger issues like getting a job, along with some much needed personal time to re-group and refocus those efforts. Sufficed to say, I freaked out a little when I found a waylaid email laying out a timeline…. Unfortunately many of the completely reasonable deadlines had long since past and there was talk of postponing to January. After some thought I realized that with enough determination, I can accomplish just about anything, even the seemingly impossible, I’m stubborn and willful that way.

On Monday everything really seemed to come together thanks to the extensive help and support from UCAL, volunteers and local businesses who were able to work with my limited budget & turn around time. Yesterday I designed a card to be printed at Fireball Printing today; Photo Lounge is amazing, getting the work  produced next week in enough time to be framed and hung in short order with some help from Sean Matorana; and the girls at Open Source Cupcakes offered to create some delicious treats for the opening on August 13th. It’s going to involve a lot of hustle, but thanks to some truly amazing people, I think we may just pull this off fabulously. It’s not that I like leaving things to the last minute, but the pressure is acting as a good motivator in this case. More details will be posted as soon as I have them, mostly as I get them myself. Looking forward to the crazy busy weeks ahead, and of course to the Work To Ride (a work in progress) show August 13th – September 3 at University City Arts League!


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  1. Maryann Devine on

    So inspirational that I shared your post with my Alt Marketing-Alt Galleries students – go, Kara! And be sure to let me know about the opening – I want the chance to see your work in person!

    • Kara LaFleur on

      Thanks Maryann! I’m editing images now, then while they’re being printed I’ll be able to turn my attention to Social Marketing for the show. I got the printed cards this week, they look great; people are really excited about it, so hopefully it will be even easier to get the word out! And this weekend I got 4 cases of beer donated for the opening, it should be a good time, I look forward to seeing you there :D

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