The Big Announcement

My chronicles of searching for gainful employment have been an adventure to say the least; from exhaustively researching companies days leading up to an interview, to painstakingly producing extensive full color branded marketing materials for mass distribution in an interview type setting. I once watched 53 of a potential employer’s 5-10 minute videos on you-tube, and even made two dozen epicly delicious mini-pies for another. I’ve re-worded and re-formatted my resume dozens of times, and written more cover & thank you letters than I can remember. I’ve had good interviews and bad, some lasting as long as 4 hours, some as little as 20 minutes; I inexplicably gave rock hands at the end of one, and laughed out loud during others.

I discovered fairly quickly that I wasn’t the only one out there vying for jobs that were few and far between. One organization admitted that they had received over 400 applications, and another sort of gave up, and only interviewed one person whom they didn’t end up hiring in any event. Some places took months to get back to me, while others didn’t follow up at all. There was a lot of heartbreak in that year, the effects of which I described in my recent post, I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. I learned to not take rejection personally, for as perfect as I may have seemed for an opportunity, I knew that there were at least a dozen other people just as awesome in the running. As a result, I became really good at rolling with the punches graciously and gracefully. I refined my own personal mission statement and learned the importance of seeking out the kind of people who will help me flourish and the type of environments in which I will thrive. I’ve been really fortunate to have an amazing support system to help me get through the good times & the bad, and in hindsight, I dodged a lot of bullets, for which I am equally thankful, mostly because it made what I’m about to say next possible.

The Big Announcement:
Last week Megan Wendell offered me a position at Canary, a local arts & cultural marketing firm. I’ve been a huge fan of them for a while now, and their impressive client list attests to the amazing quality of their work. I was surprised and honored when they reached out to me, and jumped at the chance to work with, as well as learn from, an organization which so closely aligns with my own personal interests and professional efforts. In short, this is my dream job! So after a tumultuous year, I am totally stoked about what lies ahead, this year is going to be a good one, just wait and see.


2 comments so far

  1. Lindsy on

    This is fantastic Kara! Way to go!

  2. frank stepanski on


    its hard out there to get a job, i know.

    i got one last week. :)

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