(winter 2006) Images

Work To Ride (winter 2006)

wtr_070305_001_0182.jpg wtr_070305_001_0183.jpg wtr_070327_001_0769.jpg wtr_070327_001_0771.jpg wtr_070327_001_0772.jpg wtr_070327_001_0773.jpg wtr_070327_001_0777.jpg Work To Ride (a work in progress) Images wtr_070327_001_0779.jpg wtr_070327_001_0786.jpg wtr_070327_001_0785.jpg wtr_070327_001_0784.jpg wtr_070327_001_0763.jpg wtr_070327_001_0759.jpg wtr_070305_001_0185.jpg wtr_070327_001_0750.jpg wtr_070327_001_0749.jpg wtr_070327_001_0745.jpg wtr_070327_003_0742.jpg wtr_070410_001_0300.jpg wtr_070410_001_0321.jpg wtr_070410_001_0314.jpg wtr_070410_001_0390.jpg wtr_070410_001_0392.jpg wtr_070410_002_0359.jpg wtr_070410_002_0327.jpg wtr_070305_001_0184.jpg wtr_070410_002_0331.jpg wtr_070410_001_0319.jpg wtr_070410_001_0309.jpg wtr_010.jpg wtr_070410_002_0370.jpg wtr_070410_002_0377.jpg wtr_070416_001_0355.jpg wtr_070416_001_0352.jpg wtr_070416_001_0350.jpg Work To Ride (a work in progress) Images wtr_070416_001_0364.jpg wtr_070416_001_0709.jpg wtr_070416_001_0380.jpg wtr_070416_001_0358.jpg wtr_000000_000_0528.jpg

Work To Ride (a work in progress) Artist Statement

Work To Ride (spring 2007) Images

all images © Kara LaFleur 2009


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