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Three (crazy) Weeks to UCAL Show

The last few weeks have been slightly crazed, but they’ve also been awesome with some great things on the horizon. Last week I realized that I have a show over at University City Arts League in the middle of August. While I knew it was coming, I had put it on the back burner while dealing with larger issues like getting a job, along with some much needed personal time to re-group and refocus those efforts. Sufficed to say, I freaked out a little when I found a waylaid email laying out a timeline…. Unfortunately many of the completely reasonable deadlines had long since past and there was talk of postponing to January. After some thought I realized that with enough determination, I can accomplish just about anything, even the seemingly impossible, I’m stubborn and willful that way.

On Monday everything really seemed to come together thanks to the extensive help and support from UCAL, volunteers and local businesses who were able to work with my limited budget & turn around time. Yesterday I designed a card to be printed at Fireball Printing today; Photo Lounge is amazing, getting the work  produced next week in enough time to be framed and hung in short order with some help from Sean Matorana; and the girls at Open Source Cupcakes offered to create some delicious treats for the opening on August 13th. It’s going to involve a lot of hustle, but thanks to some truly amazing people, I think we may just pull this off fabulously. It’s not that I like leaving things to the last minute, but the pressure is acting as a good motivator in this case. More details will be posted as soon as I have them, mostly as I get them myself. Looking forward to the crazy busy weeks ahead, and of course to the Work To Ride (a work in progress) show August 13th – September 3 at University City Arts League!


POST @ Indy Hall

During the weekend of October 3-4, Independents Hall, a coworking space & community, will be participating in Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, a grassroots, citywide event geared toward opening the creative spaces and studios through out Philadelphia to the general public.

POST (as it is also known) is an excellent opportunity for Indy Hall members & supporters to get involved in the local art scene, as well as to showcase our skills, talents, & interests to our already vibrantly active community. Indy Hall members will be sharing just about anything and everything for the weekend of POST, including projects and presentations, a musical component, & an impromptu gallery of art & portfolio sharing space; think of it as a weekend long Show & Tell from 12-6 this Saturday & Sunday.

Independent’s Hall 20 North 3rd St, Unit 201, Philadelphia, PA 19106

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours allows visitors to “Follow Art to the Source” by organizing & promoting artists (and now Indies) to open their spaces, to show and sell their work in a unique setting – their own. POST, now celebrating it’s 10th year as the largest annual tour of artist studios in Philadelphia features hundreds of artists during the first two weekends in October: East of Broad October 3-4 & West of Broad October 10-11.

Philadelphia Park(ing) Day 9/18/09

Park(ing) Day was originally envisioned by Rebar in San Francisco in 2005 to address the issue of how space is utilized by urban areas. Focused on Parking Spots all over the city, this event celebrates parks and pedestrian friendly city planning, while also serving to question how limited space can be utilized for everyone’s benefit (including commuters & car owners). On Friday, September 18th Philly will be re-envisioned by over 30 official spaces all over the city, putting the Grass back into Grassroots. And those are just the official spots, be on the lookout for impromptu parks all over Philly (cause DIY is just how we roll here). Check out the snazzy interactive map to help navigate to spots near and far & Park your butt in a Park(ing) spot. Enjoy the space in a different way than you might have imagined.

Art For The Cash Poor

So Lately I’ve been talking a lot about Art, especially how to make it a part of your life (going so far as to call Philly the Filene’s Basement of Art). This weekend’s Art for the Cash Poor June 13th & 14th is an excellent example of all of those direct to the source opportunities that are so abundantly available in the city of Philadelphia. AFTCP, now in it’s 10th year, is run by InLiquid, a non profit which serves as a resource center while nurturing the creative community through events and exhibitions.

As a bit of an art groupie I never miss the chance to squeal omg it’s so-and-so artist!!! because I <3 art, and artists usually appreciate being treated like rock stars. Featuring some of the area’s most talented artists and a price cap of $199, (insider tip: most things are under $100) going to AFTCP is practically like stealing the stuff. Even better than getting a good deal, you’ll be supporting the artistic community directly while engaging first hand with individual artists, learning how something was made and why. Feel free to bring the kids – between demonstrations, live music and great food stalls – there is plenty for everyone to see and enjoy!

When: Saturday, June 13th from 1-6pm & Sunday, June 14th from 1-6pm
Where: The Crane Arts Building 1400 N. American Street, Philadelphia PA MAP

Philadelphia IS the Filene’s Basement of Art – Don’t Hate

1) Art doesn’t have to be expensive – especially in Philly. With at least 5 major Art institutions to its name and a burgeoning underground art scene, Philly is a great place to start your collection.

  • Accessibility to these resources has an incredibly low barrier to entry. Organizations like The Center for Emerging Visual Artists and InLiquid have made it their mission to make art approachable by hosting outreach events and supporting the artistic community. The Art Blog does an excellent job of reporting on everything from major gallery exhibitions to artist collectives, it’s a great place to stay informed and get educated.

2) Art doesn’t have to be scary – especially if you know what to look for. A few insider tips can turn the daunting task of deciphering the art world into an educational adventure for what best fits your style and your budget:

Art Star Craft Bazaar May 30 – 31

I have to say, Philadelphia is seriously the Filene’s Basement of Art.  I know that might sound a bit callous – but lets face it, you can get really awesome, high quality stuff at bargain basement prices, if you know where to look.  With at least 5 major Art institutions to its name and a burgeoning underground art scene, Philly is a great place to start your collection. There are organizations and events throughout the year that actively foster the city’s cultural community. This weekend’s Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn’s Landing will help make the art world less intimidating for everyone, including the artists.

The 2009 Art Star Craft Bazaar
When: Saturday, May 30th from 11-6pm & Sunday, May 31st from 11-6pm
Where: Philadelphia, PA @ Penn’s Landing Great Plaza – on Columbus Boulevard between Walnut Street and Chestnut Street (directions)

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST)

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, or POST is a city wide street fair of Art, Culture, and Community, a celebration of Philly itself. For 2 weekends in October, over 300 artists in Philadelphia open their studios to the public. It is a great opportunity for artists in the area to connect with the public as well as with each other. The  deadline for Artists to sign up is this Friday May 1st and they’ve made it even easier with an online registration form.

(spring 2008) Images

Check out the latest addition to (a work in progress):

Work To Ride (spring 2008) Images

Work To Ride (fall 2007) Images

Thank You!

Work To Ride (a work in progress) Artist Statement

New Images: Work To Ride (winter 2007)

Check out the latest addition to (a work in progress):

Work To Ride (fall 2007) Images

Work To Ride (fall 2007) Images

Thank You!

Work To Ride (a work in progress) Artist Statement

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) 2008

Kara LaFleur’s ongoing project Work To Ride (a work in progress)

during Philadelphia Open Studio Tours West of Broad

Saturday & Sunday October 4th & 5th 12 – 6

Univerisity City Arts League 4226 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Featuring work by Kara LaFleur, Jill Katz, Eugene Martin, Amie Potsic, and Irma Shapiro.

Facebook Event Page

Philadelphia Open Studio Tours (POST) ninth annual city-wide event – where more than 290 artists in 16 neighborhoods will open their studios to the public. East of Broad will be held the following weekend October 11th & 12th.