Geeks Who Give

About GWG

Geeks all over the world are proving to be open and caring individuals, and the Philadelphia tech scene is no exception. This compassion reaches beyond such limitations as 140 characters on twitter into real life places like Indy Hall, P’unk Ave, IgnitePhilly, The Hactory, Geekadelphia and various local establishments and businesses. Geeks Who Give seeks to mobilize this community to reach beyond its self contained boundaries, to route that amazingly powerful and positive energy to people and causes that really need it.

The Theory: Open Source Community Giving

Everyone has something to contribute. Long term goals include idea, goods & services, and resource banks from which we can draw as well as coordinating volunteer opportunities on an individual basis and organizing large scale volunteer efforts for continued organization-based support.

The vision is for this to happen organically, for those things which resonate to surface, and those which don’t to naturally recede. Everyone in the community is invited to participate at whatever level they feel most comfortable — from planning & organizing outreach to attending events — to blogging, promoting and evangelizing the cause. We are more than the sum of our parts, and together, we are capable of anything.

We all have something to give. What will you give today?


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